The Journal of Regulation & Risk – North Asia (JRRNA) offers a platform whereby participants are seen to be critically involved in the growth and development of GRC within Asia. The Journal has an independent Editorial Standards Committee co-chaired by Dr Colin Lawrence, Director, Prudential Regulation Division, UK Financial Services Authority; and Dr John Pattison. Other notable members include Dr Lawrence White, Arthur E. Imperatore Professor of Economics, New York University's Stern School of Business; Dr Giovanni Barone-Adesi, Professor of the Swiss Finance Institute, University of Lugano and Dr Patrick McConnell, visiting Professor, Macquarie University. 

The JRRNA operates a revolving Editorial Chair policy whereby a leading academic or industry practitioner edits a pertinently themed edition of the Journal; this is designed to ensure impartiality and enhance sectorial expertise. The JRRNA compiles and carries extensive Q&A sessions with leading GRC authorities as well as unbiased industry comment and opinion. The Journal publishes industry articles and white papers in each edition, together with timely regulatory, legal and auditing updates that carries both global and local characteristics and implications.

The Institute extends its thank to the following contributors:

Adair Turner
Chairman, Financial Services Authority

Adam S. Posen
Independent Member, Bank of England

Alex J. Pollock
Resident Fellow, American Enterprise Institute

Alf Esteban
Managing Principal, SAI Global

Andrew Cainey
Senior Executive Advisor, Booz & Company

Andrew G. Haldane
Executive Director, Bank of England

Avinash Persaud
Chairman, Intelligence Capital

Benjamin Shobert
Managing Director, Rubicon Strategy Group

Brett King
Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Moven

Carl Fernandes
Partner, Financial Markets Group, Linklaters

Carlos Tavares
Vice President, European Securities and Market Authority

Carmen M. Reinhart (co-author)
Professor, University of Maryland

Cezary Wójcik (co-author)
Professor, Warsaw School of Economics and Polish Academy of Science

Charles L. Evans
President & CEO, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

Charles W. Calomiris
Henry Kaufman Professor of Financial Institutions, Columbia Business School

Charles Wyplosz
Professor, The Graduate Institute, Geneva

Christian Fahrholz (co-author)
Senior Researcher, Friedrich-Schiller-University 

Christopher Rogers
Executive Director, IRRNA

Claas Becker
Director, Deutsche Bank

Colin Lawrence
Director,Financial Services Authority

Daniel K. Tarullo
Governor, US Federal Reserve

David Millar
Former Chief Operating Officer, Professional Risk Managers International Association (PRMIA)

David Piesse
Global Head of Insurance, Sun Microsystems

David Smith
Analyst & Author, RiskMetrics

David Weinstein (co-author)
Chair, Columbia University

Desmond Lachman (co-author)
Resident Fellow, American Enterprise Institute

Edwin M. Truman
Senior Fellow, Peterson Institute

Eleanor Beamond-Pepler
Insurance Policy, Financial Services Authority

Elisse B. Walter
SEC Commissioner, US Securities & Exchanges Commission

Enrico Perotti
Professor, University of Amsterdam

Eric S. Rosengren
President & CEO, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

Evan Sekeris
Assistant Vice President, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond

Fai Y. Lam
Senior Vice President, CTRisk Solutions

Fritz Foley (co-author)
Associate Professor, Harvard Business School

Gabe Shawn Varges (co-author)
Head of Governance, Financial Market Supervisory Authority

Gavin Sudhakar
Consultant, Sapling Solutions

Gene Guill (co-author)
Managing Director, Deutsche Bank

George Feiger (co-author)
Chief Executive Officer, Contango Capital Advisers

Gernot Pehnelt (co-author)
Research Associate, European Centre for International Political Economy

Giovanni Dell'Ariccia (co-author)
Assistant Director, International Monetary Fund

Heong Wee Chong
Business Director, RiskMetrics

Ian Fraser
Journalist and Author,

James Bullard
President and Chief Executive Officer, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

James Kwak
Co-Founder, The Baseline Scenario

Janet L. Yellen
Chair, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

Janet Tavakoli
Founder and President, Tavakoli Structure Finance

Jean-Pierre Landau
Former Deputy Governor, Banque de France

Jeffrey Frankel
Professor, Capital Formation and Growth, Harvard Kennedy School

Jennifer S. Taub
Associate Professor, University of Massachusetts Amherst

John C. Pattison
Guest Editor and Co-chairman, Journal of Regulation & Risk - North Asia

John Gieve
Former Deputy Governor, Bank of England

John H. Makin
Economist, American Enterprise Institute

Jon Danielsson
Reader in Finance, London School of Economics and Political Science

Judit Montoriol-Garriga (co-author)
Financial Economist, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

Judy Shelton
Co-Director, Atlas Network

Jurgen Stark
Chief Economist & Executive Board Member, European Central Bank

Kazuo Ueda
Former Policy Board Member, Bank of Japan

Kerstin af Jochnic
Deputy Governor, Riksbank

Laurence J. Kotlkoff
Professor, Boston University

Laurence M. Ball
Professor, Johns Hopkins University

Lawrence Baxter
Professor, Duke University

Lawrence White
Professor, NYU Stern School of Business

Lord Adair Turner
Chairman, Financial Services Authority

Luo Ping
Director General, China Banking Regulatory

Mark P. Taylor (co-author)
Dean, Warwick University

Mary Amiti (co-author)
Assistant Vice President, Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Matt King
Global Head of Credit Strategy, Citibank

Mayra Rodríguez Valladares
Managing Principal, MRV Associates

Michael C.S. Wong
Associate Professor of Finance, City University of Hong Kong

Michael Melvin (co-author)
Managing Director, Blackrock

Michael Mussa
Senior Fellow, Peterson Institute

Michael Wong
Founder & President, CTRisk Solution

Michel dela Belliere
Partner, Deloitte

N.S. Venkates
Director, IDBI Bank

Nicolas Veron
Economist, Peterson Institute

Olivier Blanchard (co-author)
Chief Economist, International Monetary Fund

Otmar Issing
Former Chief Economist & Executive Board Member, European Central Bank

Padraig Walsh
Partner, Barlow Lyde & Gilbert

Paolo Cadoni
Technical Head of Department, Bank of England

Paolo Mauro (co-author)
Assistant Director, International Monetary Fund

Patrick McConnell
Associate Professor, Macquarie University

Patrick Raaflaub (co-author)
Chief Executive Officer, Financial Market Supervisory Authority

Paul Krugman
Professor, Princeton University

Per Kurowski
Former Executive Director, The World Bank

Peter A. Gallo
Owner, Pacific Risk Limited

Peter J. Wallison
Lawyer, American Enterprise Institute

Peter Tashjian
Chief Executive Officer, Institute of Compliance Officers

Philippe Carrol
Executive Vice President, Thomson Reuters

Rajesh Kumar
Professor, Punjabi University

Rajiv Sethi
Professor, Barnard University

Ramon Moreno
Head of Economics, BIS

Raphael Borrel
Director, Risk Dynamics

Richard Neiman
Superintendent, Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Robert Huebner
Head Operational Risk & Business Continuity Management, Deutsche Bank

Robert Jones
Managing Director, Standard & Poor's

Robert Pringle
Chairman, Central Banking Publications

Robin Greenwood (co-author)
Associate Professor, Harvard Business School

Roger T. Cole
Director, Division of Banking Supervision and Regulation, US Federal Reserve

Rowan Bosworth-Davies
President, Leap UK

S. Ramakrishnan
Chief Executive Officer, Reveleus

Sai Sireesh
Head of Risk Management and Compliance Solution, Microsoft

Satyajit Das
Author, EconoMonitor

Sergey Chernenko (co-author)
Associate Professor, Fisher College of Business, Ohio State University

Shahin Shojai (co-author)
Global Head of Research, The Capco Institute

Stephen S. Roach
Chairman, Morgan Stanley

Steve Waldman
Senior Advisor, Federal Communications Commission

Susan Ariel Aaronson
Associate Professor, George Washington University

Takatoshi Kato
Deputy Managing Director, International Monetary Fund

Terry Tse (co-author)
Risk Officer, Deutsche Bank

Thomas Dietz
Professor, Sociology and Environmental Science and Policy, Michigan State University

Thomas M. Hoenig
Vice Chairman, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

Umesh Kumar
Partner, Linklaters

Vincent R. Reinhart (co-author)
Resident Scholar, American Enterprise Institute

William K. Black
Associate Professor, School of Law, University of Missouri

William M. Isaac
Former Chairman, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

William R. White
First Vice President, Morgan Stanley

Xavier Bellouard
Co-Founder, Quartet FS

Yanis Varoufakis
Professor, University of Athens

Yeon-Koo Chi (co-author)
Professor, Columbia University